Safe Co-Working Spaces to Take Your WFH Game To


Safe Co-Working Spaces to Take Your WFH Game To

Work from home has us slumped in front of our laptops, staring at the walls and missing offices, restaurants and the local pub. Just us? No? Okay, then if you’re like us and going a little stir-crazy staying at home all day long, you’re probably looking for a change of space without risking your safety.

We’ve put together a list of safe co-working spaces to work and social distance in when it’s relatively safer outside and these spaces open back up. After all, WFH is the new norm so you’d best scope out new digs. They’re not your average co-working spaces, but they’re just as stimulating to work out of with a side of piping hot tea or coffee, whatever your poison. 

The other side of your daily video calls will thank you for the change of background. 

Pond Gallery (New Delhi)

Pond Gallery is a multi-purpose co-working studio. It’s well-ventilated and spacious. You’ll find different areas to use depending on what frame of mind you need to be in– two workrooms for sending out emails, conference rooms to hash out strategies, a reading room for research and a lush terrace garden to take a breather. 

Pro tip: You’ll need to make a reservation before heading in to work.

Sensible.Earth, Centre for Sustainability (Goa)

Sensible.Earth is a collective ecosystem that encourages and practices sustainability. It works well as a visionary space to churn ideas and get things done in. Lush greenery surrounds the three-level co-working space. The centre also has a cafe to grab your morning fuel at. 

Pro tip: If you’re a sustainability entrepreneur, be sure to tap into the network of change-makers who flit in and out of Sensible.Earth.

Harkat Studios (Mumbai)

Living room meets office space in this alternative creative space in Versova. You can commandeer your own desk, instead of a rickety coffee table, without forgoing the perks of unlimited coffee or tea. A beautiful bungalow, resonating with the sounds of chirping birds, forms Harkat’s environs.

Pro tip: Harkat has convenient access plans for when you’re looking to work there for a week, months or once in a blue moon when your home desk isn’t enticing enough.

ikattha (Mumbai)

If you draw energy and motivation from the hustle and grind of creative minds, ikattha is the space for you. The Colaba arts space is cosy and decked out comfortably enough to mimic home minus the distractions. 

Pro tip: You’ll need a membership to access the space, either monthly or for a few days at a stretch. 

If you’re just about done answering doorbells and falling down a YouTube rabbit hole during “work” hours, we hope you’ll find your working spirit somewhere in this list of safe co-working spaces when they’re all opened up. 

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Featured image: Harkat Studios, Mumbai

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