When it rains, it pours, and we are not just talking about the monsoon. 


When it rains, it pours, and we are not just talking about the monsoon. 

When it rains, it pours, and we are not just talking about the monsoon. 
The monsoon rains have started to make their way across the country but in Mumbai, we’re just about getting some relief from the heat and humidity. 
On Instagram it seems like everyone is making up for lost time with friends travelling far and wide, both in India and abroad, but it’s the mountains that have been on our minds.   
There’s so much we’re excited to try – whether it be learning the basics of climbing..
 ..or, heading out to explore Sethan 
on a day-long hike. 
There’s also more in places big and small – 
Dharamshala, Tirthan and Kangra included.   
Later this month, you’ll be seeing updates on the app
for other Indian cities – so keep your eyes peeled. 
It’s been so exciting to discover some hidden gems in
cities big and small, while seeing them through the eyes of 
residents who are keen to share their local favourites. 
It might seem too early to think of Independence Day, but with so many people keen to travel this year, why not book your getaway now. In Goa, the monsoon is the time to move away from the beach and explore the quarry pools, waterfalls and riverbanks. Another seaside getaway is Pondicherry, where the French Quarter is always a welcome break, but it’s also a food-lovers delight – whether it be an Andhra thali at Sree Andhra Tiffins or a well-made coffee and croissant at Bread and Chocolate. The fact that Auroville is next door is a bonus because there you’ll find farm fresh meals and great sushi too.  
We’ve tied up with Countertop India and 
Jio World Drive for Tipple Trail, a drink focussed journey 
through the Mumbai mall’s restaurants and bars. 
With stops at four different spots – there’s going to be cocktails to sip on, shots to bond over and nibbles to keep you going. Make your way from SeeSaw to Foo to Saz to Someplace Else and learn how to mix your own cocktails, taste some molecular creations and chat with bartenders Karl Fernandes and Arijit Bose. 
There’s only 15 spots available so if you’re in the city and looking to find 
an interesting way to spend your Saturday evening, we’ve got you covered. 
Click here to book!
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