We don’t like gate-keeping…


We don’t like gate-keeping…

March 2023
…especially when it comes to incredible experiences in your city.
Folks in Mumbai, here are some weekend plans led by some awesome people for the rest of March.
Hey ‘luru! We are thrilled for our first event with the Courtyard Community
We’re always on the lookout for wonderful, niche experiences to feature.
Do you want to list your next event with us?
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We’ve had curated recommendations in Bengaluru for a while, but
We just added lots of unique experiences!
From guided walks, cycling trails, workshops & culinary experiences, there’s something for everyone.
Check our Bengaluru experiences
Why should Kashmir be on your 2023 travel to-do list?
We now have URBANAUT approved experiences to make your trip truly unique.
Not convinced? Well, we hope our recommendations change your mind.
Check our Kashmir recommendations
Do you or someone you know organise walks, intimate workshops, tasteful events or niche experiences in your city?
We have a booking management system for you!
A software solution built in tandem with our partners, that can alleviate your inventory management and scheduling problems.
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