Unwind in Ahangama


Unwind in Ahangama

For the uninitiated, Ahangama is a beautiful beach town in Southern Sri Lanka. Surfing, de-stressing by the beach, some great food and gorgeous views– sound good? We guarantee that this one of the most relaxing places you could possibly visit. We’ve put together a short list of our top picks that offer a languid and leisurely experience. Here’s how to truly unwind in Ahangama.

Idle Bikes

Idle Bikes operates in Galle, about fifteen minutes away from Ahangama, and a visit there is worth the small trip. Their base is situated near the famous Wijiaya beach restaurant, and the trail winds through paddy fields, sometimes venturing into the hills for a more adventurous time. The tours are customisable based on your interest and abilities, so there’s really no excuse to miss this. What better way to take in the stunning combination of beach and countryside?

Driftwood Cafe

This waterside cafe in Ahangama has everything you need to guarantee a good time: great views, good tunes, an unhurried ambience and some excellent craft cocktails to boot.

South Point Villa

If you’re planning to spend a night or few in the area, why not set up shop at South Point Villa? This gorgeous three bedroom villa opens out to sea, has stunning views and great service. This is a perfect spot if you’re travelling in a group and want to be somewhere peaceful (but not too far from the fun).

La Boheme

Come sundown, after a busy day of lazing around, all one really needs is the perfect meal. Head over to La Boheme, a spot loved by tourists and locals alike for its excellent wood-fired Italian pizzas. Get a half-and-half pizza if you can’t decide on just one, and look out for the French touch to the food!

This area has so much to offer to travellers willing to spend a little time. Visit, uncover the secrets and unwind in Ahangama. Use the Urbanaut App as your guide. Download here.

Featured Image: South Point Villa, Sri Lanka.

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