The Best Work Spots in India: Our Quick Pick


The Best Work Spots in India: Our Quick Pick

If you’re an entrepreneur, creative, freelancer, or just taking a break from your office for the day, then why not give one of these spots a try? We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best work spots from across 4 cities! Boost your productivity and tuck into some great coffee. Make sure to check the app for many more options. 

Mumbai: Ministry of New

This collaborative co-working space in South Bombay will give you everything you need to get the job done. From aesthetics to inspiration, this is a great choice for those looking for a change of pace. With rooms equipped for video calls and exciting events organised nearly every week, this ’boutique’ co-working space continues to be a favourite for many.

Bangalore: The Bohemian House

This stunning old bungalow has been repurposed and is now home to a creative co-working space. Grab a pass and get to it! On your breaks, make sure to visit their in-house cafe, and check the Urbanaut App for tips on what to order.

Bohemian House, Bangalore
Delhi: Pond Gallery

This community space and pop-up venue is home to a co-working space which is very much in demand. Be warned, elbow room is limited! Visit if you have a love for concept workshops and alternative art. It’s also a great space if you want to connect with a diverse group of people.

Pune: Chafa Cafe and Studio

This organic cafe at Koregaon Park has everything you need to supplement your workday. With a wide variety of smoothie bowls and a studio space for fitness sessions, why not settle in here for a workday?

We trust that you’ll get the job done and your appetite satiated at these work spots. For more like this, head over to the Urbanaut App. Don’t forget to save these spots and read the insider tips on how to make the most of your work experience!

Featured image: Ministry of New. If nothing else, visit for a change of scene (and trust that the scene will be truly stunning).

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