Samyukta Ranganathan


Samyukta Ranganathan

A trip to Beirut in 2015 sparked an idea that is now Urbanaut. Piecing together a trip on a map using Instagram posts by Lebanese locals just did not seem like the best way to get insider tips. 3 years later (let’s say it was a slow burn), Sammy quit her fun marketing job at PUMA and set out to build Urbanaut – launching in Dec 2019 right before the pandemic hit and halted all travel!

As Founder and Chief Everything Officer of Urbanaut, she has been able to put her lifelong passion and skill for stalking ‘cool things’ to good use. Her unpaid and thankless role of being the planner of all group holidays also finds a more useful outlet in the app.

Prior to starting Urbanaut, Samyukta managed brand marketing for PUMA in India and the Middle East after receiving her MBA from the Indian School of Business. Samyukta is passionate about responsible travel and the indispensable role that creative individuals and organisations play in destination building.

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