Pondicherry for Your Palate


Pondicherry for Your Palate

What better way is there to get to know a city than to eat in it? Here’s a Pondy itinerary for you that revolves around most travellers’ first love–– food. We present – Pondicherry for your palate! Our local Pondy gastronomes know the city better than most (ok, all) and they’re sharing their precious intel with you.

Begin with breakfast (of course)

Begin with some fluffy scrambled eggs at Indian Coffee House, followed by a cup (or a few) of coffee, of course ––there are many outlets, but our sources tell us that the one you’re looking for is located in a recently restored Franco-Tamil building, on JN Street. While you’re at it, place a call to Bread and Chocolate in Auroville to reserve a sourdough loaf that you can pick up later –– freshly baked and hot from the oven!

Lunch and more, in Auroville

When you’ve explored the city on foot for a few hours, it might be time to think about your next meal. We’ve got you covered! Maiyam, the ‘past food’ restaurant in Auroville specialises in whole-grain, healthy Indian cuisine. Enjoy a mindful meal of overlooked legumes and a balance of every flavour in either a ‘bowl’ or ‘plate’ meal.

Settle in for the obligatory afternoon siesta, followed by a visit to the beach for those sunset views, and you’re ready for drinks and dinner at La Villa. Choose a bottle of wine from their lovely selection, and tuck into continental food prepared by French chef Michel Christmann (formerly of a Michelin-starred restaurant in France), knowing you’re in good hands.

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Featured Image: Bread & Chocolate in Auroville. A key visit when you’re purely in Pondicherry for your palate.

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