Making travel plans? Us too!


Making travel plans? Us too!

It was in February last year that travel plans were slowly being cancelled and postponed thanks to a mysterious virus. 
Slow-forward to a full year later, and we’re still tip-toeing into travel waters – although some of us have thrown caution to the wind and decided to skinny dip right away. We see you, stay safe! 
At Urbanaut we are excited about making and sharing mapped plans. Going forward we’ll be sharing lists from different cities that we think you’d enjoy.
To kick this off, I’d like to share a few discoveries in cities I’ve lived in and loved. Some of these experiences are truly special and I hope you take a moment to check them out on the app. 
Since the weather is great everywhere right now, these will focus on outdoor experiences/walking tours perfect for these socially distant times.
There are so many of these collections for different cities, so if you find them helpful, do let us know and we’ll make sure to include them in newsletters going forward.
Visit a charming centuries old-style traditional distillery in a cashew orchard in South Goa. Walk through and immerse yourself in Feni’s aromas, flavors and stories as you enjoy a professional sit-down tasting of three intriguing Feni.
The exclusive Table in the Water experience (the most sought-after tour at Fazenda Cazulo), is now available to book exclusively through Urbanaut. Trust us, you shouldn’t miss this. 
Note: Rs 2500++ per person; includes a full tasting experience, feni tour, food pairing and exclusive spring water seating. Groups of minimum 2 and a maximum of 10 people. ⁠ 
Many of us on Instagram know Pranav Sawhney (@sawhneyyyyy) as the guy who relentlessly fights the good fight for things that matter. What many people don’t know is that he’s also the definition of an ‘Urbanaut’ i.e. an explorer of urban spaces in the quest to find hidden gems and offbeat spaces. 

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