Lovin’ local getaways? We got you 🙌🏽


Lovin’ local getaways? We got you 🙌🏽

May 2023
If you’ve been following our journey, you might get the sense (and be totally right) that we’re not a big fan of cookie-cutter travel suggestions. From our local contributors across different cities and specially curated experiences that celebrate the region, we love keeping it 100% local and want to inspire curious travellers to do the same.
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Speaking of inspiring local experiences:
you can now find some incredibly curated holidays designed by the fantastic Chalo Hoppo on our app!
Chalo Hoppo is an experiential travel company that is deeply anchored in busting ‘exotic’ North East India travel cliches through fully customisable tours that let you interact with local tribes, and explore homestays and the region in an authentic way.
Quick shoutout to Konkan Explorers, the awesome Goa-based outdoor adventure company who’ve started brand new cruise trails in Panjim for the first time!
Their luxurious, eco-friendly adventure experiences promise to be one-of-a-kind, unlike other nautical experiences around the casino-filled Panjim area. Equal parts exploration, relaxation, heritage and education.
Explore cruise tours in Panjim
We’re super excited to be working with On The Jungle Floor, a Bengaluru-based online record store company on an unparalleled, intimate experience this weekend.
 OTJF Listening Session, 28th May
Indiranagar Social, Bengaluru
With a dedicated space equipped with an exceptional audiophile-grade sound system, this edition is a celebration of one of the most iconic films and soundtracks of this generation – Quentin Tarantino’s legendary ‘Pulp Fiction’.
With dedicated time for engaging discussions with film curator Boo! Ya Watchin’?’, this is a must-do if you’re in Bengaluru. They’ve got two sessions and both are filling fast!
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