Ladakh, Goa, Europe – we’ve got it all


Ladakh, Goa, Europe – we’ve got it all

Just Ladakh for a
perfect mid-year break.
Climate change is well and truly here with the record heat in Europe and the heavy rains that
are lashing parts of India.
 At home, Mumbai has been surprisingly wet for the last two weeks but life continues — whether it’s work or play, travel included.
For those that have secured a visa,  Europe seems to bursting with tourists from all over the world. Portugal is the new favourite and for those planning to visit or in the city – Lisbon is live on the app and has some great hidden gems by locals from the city. We’ve also got Amsterdam, Brussels and Salzburg on the app so don’t forget to check us out when you’re headed to the lands of airport chaos and lost bags – our app might provide you with some comfort.
Ladakh is a popular choice and it’s also the newest region we’ve taken live. Sure you’ve seen it on screen in ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Lakshya’, but there’s so much more to it than just its stark beauty.
Whether you’re hankering for Italian or a traditional wazwan, chocolates or a vegan meal – we’ve got the lowdown on where to eat. Also covered – day trips, cultural institutes, local shopping and one of a kind experiences.
Instagram as always, is filled with trips and getaways from friends and the famous alike. Goa is popular as it has been.
With frequent travellers
discovering its quarry pools …
You can too, with a whole slew of experiences on the app that are tailored for the season – whether it’s
by the water
or, in water.
And then there’s some of us looking to explore our own cities. Instagram is buzzing with
the newest openings, but we’ve got a curated set of recommendations for you. 
In Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Goa – we’ve updated a host of new eateries, 
hidden gems and must-visit places. So scroll through and find your next go-to on the app. 
If you’re in Mumbai and looking for a reason to wrap up work early on a Wednesday,
we’ve got you covered. The crawl (which is tomorrow) covers three bars and features everything
from shots to cocktails hosted by the one and only Karl Fernandes (of Tesouro, Goa fame).
If you’re heading north, why not plan to getaway to Sham Valley from Ladakh,
for a day spent with the last of the local potters, who have generations of traditional knowledge?
Followed by a hike, it’s an immersive day that will leave you with new perspectives.

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