Historical Treasures in Delhi


Historical Treasures in Delhi

Walking through Delhi, you may find yourself at any point surrounded by architecture spanning several centuries. The old and the new blend almost seamlessly, and history is a part of everyday lives. All the same, we’ve listed out some of the places you can keep an eye out for, just so that you don’t blink and miss any of the historical treasures in Delhi.

Agrasen ki Baoli
Ever heard the term ‘step into history’ and take it literally? Located right in the heart of the city is this gorgeous step well that was once a water reservoir too. Descend into its depths for some peace of mind, or maybe even for a picnic!

Heritage Transport Museum
Located around two hours away from the city, this is a great place for a day trip or road trip stopover (on your way to Jaipur). Find every imaginable artefact in this museum that traces the history of transport in India. The collection is both curious and charming. Most people haven’t heard about this museum but it’s well worth a visit

Sunder Nursery pic. Sukriti Dubey

Sunder Nursery
Around Humayun’s Tomb you’ll find a vast 90 acre spread that is littered with heritage monuments. You might just visit for these pieces of history, but don’t forget that the spot is also a nursery and park–– with over 300 types of trees! Future plans aim to link nearby areas to make it Asia’s largest park. But for now, it’s a perfect slice of heaven for picnic-lovers, runners, lovers of history and honestly, everyone else!

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Featured Image: Agrasen ki Baoli – one of many historical treasures in Delhi.

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