Healthy Restaurants and Cafes in Pune


Healthy Restaurants and Cafes in Pune

Would you be surprised if we told you that Pune has some of the best restaurants in the country? Trust us, Pune has something delectable for every palate! Here we focus on the healthier choices in the city so read on for great spots to go to for an organic, healthy and vegan dining experience. If you’re looking to try something wholesome and new, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve got the scoop on healthy restaurants and cafes in Pune with the help of our expert, Payal

Healthy, delicious options

Chafa Cafe

If you’re looking for something cosy and calm, then designer and certified Pune-lover Payal knows just the place. The Chafa Cafe and Studio commits to creating healthy and nutritious dishes, sometimes served with a desi twist. And the plus side? The food is delicious, too! Catch a cozy corner to get some work done or stop by their first-floor studio space for a quick yoga session. You’ll definitely be coming back here for more.

Ground Up

Urbanaut recommends this small hole-in-the-wall for its limited but yummy choices and the fact that everything on the menu is locally sourced, made from scratch and free of preservatives! Make a visit for a farm-to-table dinner and see for yourself why the cool kids seem to love this place.


Paashh is nestled within a gorgeous bungalow in Kalyani Nagar in Pune with a great ambience and freshly baked goods. What’s even better – they have an eco-friendly lifestyle store that stocks up on everything from sustainable fashion to handcrafted homeware. So what more reasons do you need to make a visit?

Pune has something for everyone! For more recommendations in Pune and other cities, Download the Urbanaut app and get access to trustworthy tips provided by creative residents – so you can travel like a local when you visit.

Featured image: Chafa Cafe and Studio – one of our recommendations for healthy restaurants & cafes in Pune

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