Fine Dining in Bangalore : An Elevated Evening Out


Fine Dining in Bangalore : An Elevated Evening Out

When it comes to nightlife and contemporary cuisine, the garden city has a lot to offer. With a sudden upsurge in the number of high-quality restaurants out there, the pressure to excel has never been higher. Of course, we’re not complaining– with great competition comes great service! So sit back, relax and check out our list of fine dining spots in Bangalore. Visit for an overall elevated experience.


This rooftop bar is the current toast of the town, well-loved for the impressive panoramic views it offers. Be sure to make reservations so that you and your crew can make the most of the night. Gorge on their delicious pan-Asian food and inventive cocktails while you look over at the city.

Punkah House

This spot is a more sophisticated version of the many dive bars in Indiranagar. Punkah House is best known for flavourful and creative cocktails, an eclectic menu and a lovely, warm ambience.

Sly Granny

Boasting vintage decor, plush seating and mood lighting, Sly Granny offers a quirky yet refined alternative to your usual Friday night haunt. Visit for an experimental menu, a private club area and of course, great drinks.

These are a few of our favourite picks for a special evening out. Fine dining in Bangalore isn’t limited to these spots, so don’t be alarmed if we’ve missed your favourite ones. Download the Urbanaut App for the whole scoop, including insider tips and helpful advice from our trusty contributors. There’s a lot more where this came from!

Featured Image: Punkah House, Bangalore.

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