Feast under the Jan Sun


Feast under the Jan Sun

January 2023
Too many people wrote in about missing our lovely Feast in the Fields experience back in November – so we’re bringing this incredibly loved lunch back with a special 2-day edition on January 28th and 29th. This should feature on your long-weekend plans – trust us.
Enjoy authentic Goan food, endless glasses of feni and beer with some remarkable company and your most-excellent host, Hansel Vaz. Here’s your last chance to get tickets to this unforgettable meal.
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P.S. If you need some convincing, Bollywood’s funny woman Twinkle Khanna chose to celebrate her birthday lunch in December with a private Feast in the Fields experience! We always like a celeb with great taste 😉 
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It’s the best time to check out the Kochi Biennale
(before it gets a little too hot 🥵 to walk around)
While you’re there, we urge you to check out Art & Wonderment’s curated routes that spotlight hand-picked artists and shows from January 26 – 29. Pick and choose from 4 different guided art walks to suit your time at Fort Kochi.
 Limited spots only and a must-do if you’re keen to make the most of your trip with these experts on hand to guide you around.
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P.S. we wouldn’t be a very useful recommendations app if we didn’t have some solid suggestions for you. Check out this handy plan (you’ll need the app!) for great places to eat in Kochi. 
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We are not telling you to download another app..
But here’s why you should download Urbanaut for your next trip.
Explore curated recommendations, save a spot you like, pick and instantly book exclusive experiences at your next holiday destination. It’s like a cool travel friend you can carry around in your pocket!
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