Experience Pune Like a True Local


Experience Pune Like a True Local

Pune has gained a reputation for being one of the friendliest cities, offering a wide variety of food, drink and recreational activities to all who visit. All the same, there’s a different charm to take in if you experience Pune like a true local. Travel the bylanes with us and discover some hidden gems. Pune local Divij, who has been exploring the city for over a decade, has shared some of his trade secrets with us (and you) so here they are!

Amruteshwar Snacks

This iconic spot is much beloved by Pune locals, who visit at the opening hour of 3 a.m. to get their daily fix of poha, upma and chai. You’re likely to find professionals who start their day early or young students who have stayed up way too late, all gathered around to get a bite of some classic Maharashtrian food.

Kasba Peth Street Art

Tucked into the heart of the city is Kasba Peth, a little-known secret that is bound to catch the fancy of art lovers. Boasting of several stunning murals painted by artists from all over the world, this is a little-known treasure. A walk around the area hunting for the murals could be a great way to spend an evening in Pune. 

Durvankur Dining Hall

Lunchtime is here, and why would it ever be anywhere else? When in doubt, keep it simple with a sumptuous thali at Durvankar Dining Hall. Located in the centre of the city, this is a popular spot amongst locals and Urbanaut users alike! Visit to eat your fill of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine.

Photo courtesy: JustDial India
Ganesh Kala Krida Manch

Pune has long been a haven for the arts, specifically for those with an interest in theatre. The Ganesh Kala Krida Manch hosts performances nearly everyday, ranging from concerts to plays, dance performances to musicals. A very popular spot with locals, visit to get a taste of local performance traditions, presented by some wonderful artists.

If you’re making a mental note of all these places, there is an easier way. Visit the Urbanaut App to save all these spots, so you can find them when you’re planning your trip! Make sure to check out all the pro tips, so that you can experience the city of Pune like a true local.

Featured Image: A mural in Kasba Peth. Photo courtesy: Siddhartha Joshi.

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