Breakfast in Bengaluru: Your Sunday Morning Fix


Breakfast in Bengaluru: Your Sunday Morning Fix

In Bangalore over the weekend and wondering where to satisfy your breakfast cravings? The struggle to choose is certainly a real one, with so many options out there, but we’ve helped narrow it down with the help of some of our lovely contributors. Here’s our pick of three spots for breakfast in Bengaluru that you shouldn’t miss. 

Shri Sagar (CTR)

Visual artist & photographer Sarayu recommends Shri Sagar (CTR), or Central Tiffin Room, as it’s commonly known. This is a no-frills establishment, where the benne (butter) dosa speaks for itself. Another longtime local favourite, CTR fills up fast, and fills you up pretty quick too! If you’ve been dreaming of crispy dosas for a while, then get there early to grab the best of the buttery goodness. 

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Art and photography-lover Anishaa recommends the Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, a cosy, cluttered family-run business that is always bustling with hot coffee, chutney and customers. This isn’t a sit-down formal dining experience, so pick this spot for a quick bite and some steaming, strong coffee. 

Airlines Hotel 

Breakfast in Bengaluru
Airlines Hotel. pic: Sarayu Neelakantan

After a run at Cubbon Park, environmental entrepreneur Sahar suggests breakfast at Airlines Hotel, a Bengaluru staple that has been around for a long time. While the food is good, it isn’t the major highlight of Airlines. Most visitors pick this spot because of the simple but beautiful outdoor seating. Where better to have breakfast if not under some banyan trees, right? Airlines was once simple a drive-through restaurant, but has now become something of a haven for peace and quiet in busy Bengaluru. Grab a bite here and prolong your peaceful morning for as long as possible.


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