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Experience Pune Like a True Local

Pune has gained a reputation for being one of the friendliest cities, offering a wide variety of food, drink and recreational activities to all...


Unwind in Ahangama

For the uninitiated, Ahangama is a beautiful beach town in Southern Sri Lanka. Surfing, de-stressing by the beach, some great food and gorgeous views–...


Under The Radar Travel in Mysore

An increasingly popular holiday and travel destination, Mysore has a lot to offer. In the rush of planning your itineraries, you might miss a...


The Charms of Goa

Goa has a lot of secret nooks and hidden wonders; there’s a lot to do and see in this beautiful state- so where do...


Our Favourite Drinking Spots in Bangalore

Pub culture in Bangalore is as central to life in the city as the traffic and the parks. For a city that takes its...


The Best Work Spots in India: Our Quick Pick

If you’re an entrepreneur, creative, freelancer, or just taking a break from your office for the day, then why not give one of these...


Mysore Like a Royal

It’s hard to visit Mysore without reminiscing about the history of grandeur and luxury that comes with it. With the help of our favourite...


Shopping Across India: Best Design and Boutique Stores

You’ve been working hard all week, and it’s time to treat yourself to a little something. Or maybe a friend’s birthday is coming up...


A Perfect Day in Mysore

Mysore: seat of one of South India’s best known royal families, and home to temples, yoga and great masala dosas. Worth a visit? We...


Pondicherry for Your Palate

What better way is there to get to know a city than to eat in it? Here’s a Pondy itinerary for you that revolves...

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