Best Artisanal Products Across India


Best Artisanal Products Across India

If the words handcrafted, homemade, authentic and artisanal mean something (read: everything) to you, this list is for you. Browse this short collection of artisanal products you can purchase in your city. Vetted and verified by our well-informed contributors, you can be assured of the highest quality. See something you like? Head over to the Urbanaut app for more. 

Begum Victoria Cheese (Bangalore)

Handcrafted organic cheese that is ripened in the company’s own cheese cave. Set up by a group of three partners (including chef Manu Chandra of Olive Group), you can be sure to expect the best of cheddars, brie, manchego, fontina and more. Learn about cheeses from far and wide and sample them–– head to the Urbanaut App for the details on how to make your cheesy dreams come true.

L’inou (Bangalore)

Nestled in a quiet compound that houses several other artisanal stores, this store and cafe serves up some fantastic Belgian chocolate. The cafe might have a limited menu, but when it comes to quality, the bar has been set pretty high. Stock up for your sweet tooth and give the stores next door a whirl.

Mason and Co. Chocolate Factory (Pondicherry)

A necessary experience for the true chocolate lover. If you’ve tried Mason and Co.’s products before, then you know you’re in for an organic, well-crafted and undeniably delicious experience. Their chocolate factory near Auroville is often open to visitors on weekends. Join in on their interactive tour to see how their products go from bean to bar, and taste some chocolate samples. Be sure to register online to ensure you have a spot on the tour!

Paris Pao (Goa)

Baked with love, this is the place for authentic fresh-out-of-the-oven French breads. We trust their philosophy of having a small menu that guarantees high quality products; place your orders with Paris Pao one day in advance. Who doesn’t love a warm and freshly-baked baguette?

This short list is just a taste of what’s out there. For more insider information, directions, details and secrets, visit the Urbanaut App. Enjoy trying out the best artisanal products in your town. Don’t forget to bookmark all these spots!

Featured image: Begum Victoria Cheese, Bangalore. It probably tastes even better than it looks.

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