Assam Needs Your Help: Donate to Flood Relief Efforts


Assam Needs Your Help: Donate to Flood Relief Efforts

Twin disasters – the coronavirus and cataclysmic floods– are bringing Assam to its knees. At the time of writing, the Assam floods have claimed 68 lives. The floods have also severely affected over 34 lakh (340,000) people 26 districts. Assam needs your help.

Floodwater has submerged more than 3,300 villages, according to the state disaster management body. It has also brought 1.28 lakh (128,000) hectares of standing crops to ruin. Rescue workers continue to toil through the nights to evacuate marooned locals.  

Heartbreaking photos emerging from the state also show that 80% or more of the wildlife-rich Kaziranga National Park is fully submerged. So far, more than 60 animals have died, and over 170 have rescued. As travellers who turn to nature for comfort and solace, it is our responsibility to protect endangered species in one of the lushest natural reserves in the country. 

As the Brahmaputra and other major rivers in the state continue to swell over and above danger levels, Assam needs more than thoughts and prayers– it needs attention and funds. 

Donate to Save Lives in Assam

Aid rescue efforts during the Assam floods and support the delivery of emergency supplies to stranded and rescued people in Assam by donating as much as you can. 

Some vetted organisations you can donate to are:

Every rupee counts towards mitigating the effects of this double whammy that Assam is reeling from.

Featured image: PTI via Assam Needs Your Help: Donate to Flood Relief Efforts

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