A Perfect Day in Mysore


A Perfect Day in Mysore

Mysore: seat of one of South India’s best known royal families, and home to temples, yoga and great masala dosas. Worth a visit? We think so. With the help of two of our go-to Mysore experts, Pranoy and Namisha, we have put together a daylong itinerary to help you plan a perfect day in Mysore.

A boutique stay

Begin by checking into Laika Heritage Stay for lovely and spacious rooms; the property is a refurbished old bungalow with a sprawling garden. The space retains much of its original charm, while mixing in modern decor. If you’re early, maybe get in a quick workout at their in-house yoga class. 

Get started on your day

Stop by SAPA Sourdough and Pastry on Kalidasa road for savoury bakes, combination quiches and of course, the sourdough bread that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Make a visit to the Folklore Museum, located in a gorgeous old building within a university campus. Step into history and explore the wide range of exhibits that span the folk arts, metalware, jewellery and much more. As you enter, take in the sight of the ancient wooden chariots that are settled in the courtyard of the museum.

Fill up your evening with a stroll through Ashoka Road, a bustling market filed with salespeople of all trades; explore the variety of markets but don’t expect souvenirs or anything touristy––this spot is popular amongst locals and visitors alike, so if you’re ready to brave the crowd to find what you want, then you’re in the right place!

End the long day with a drive that takes you a little out of town to The Barge, a quaint and lovely microbrewery that will fill your spirits with loud karaoke and your mugs with their brewed beer. 

Head over to the Urbanaut App for many more curated recommendations and for insider tips on how to make the most of your visit to this lovely city.

Featured Image: Laika Heritage Stay. Park yourself here and embark on a perfect day in Mysore.

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