A December to Remember


A December to Remember

Introducing Naut a Tourist: Edit 01 Jodhpur with Insia Lacewalla
Hello world.
It’s been a while.
We’ve been away dreaming of sunny holidays and wonderful ways you can spend the little time off you have the rest of this year. Our current favourite recommendation is the Floating Feni experience that also seems to be everybody else’s favourite way to spend their time in Goa (We’re not just saying this; it was our most booked spot in August!).
We’re also kicking off a new series that we’re excited to share with you.
Naut A Tourist is our way of gently nudging you to look at travelling and holidays in a different way by collaborating with incredible people at some of our favourite destinations.
We hope to see you in Jodhpur this December. We’d love for you to experience that warm Rajasthan hospitality at Daspan House, a culinary journey with Mharo Khet, all with the wonderful company of Insia Lacewalla. 
We know how important small groups are for mindful, seamless holidays so, there are limited spots available for this Jodhpur experience and we’d encourage you to book your spots soon.
(The price does not include travel to and from Jodhpur)
Thank you for being part of our journey so far and we’re grateful to have helped bring some of the best local, regional talent, food and culture to you through Urbanaut.
Will you be joining us and 15 other curious travellers in December? 
We hope so!
I’m interested!
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