12 Months, 12 Places: Gear up for 2021 Travel!


12 Months, 12 Places: Gear up for 2021 Travel!

We’re excited this dumpster fire of a year is coming to a close — and we’re sure we aren’t alone. For travellers like us, not being able to leave our homes has been a tough blow to recover from. That said, we think it’s time to make up for all that missed excitement, with some banging 2021 travel plans.

In that spirit, here are 12 places to visit in the 12 new months to come – all with Urbanaut. Have fun making your 2021 travel plans on the Urbanaut app!

January: Goa

Photo by Jess Aston on Unsplash

What better place to welcome the new year in style than Goa? The Sunshine State has opened up nearly entirely, which means all our local faves are back in business. Expect balmy weather that’s completely appropriate for beach cocktails and delicious grub. Oh, and make sure you sign up for Urbanaut Plus to get exclusive curated experiences, discounts and freebies at some incredible homegrown places. You’re welcome.

February: Delhi and Jaipur

Photo by Mohd Aram on Unsplash

Hit up the Golden Triangle next by visiting Delhi and Jaipur over a few leisurely days. There’s plenty to do in both the cities, and you’ll also be avoiding peak tourist season. That means its a great chance to hit up both your cookie-cutter tourist places and the hidden gems we have on the Urbanaut app. Stay at boutique hotels, feast on incredible local fare, hit up under-the-radar spots and have the best time, in a nutshell.

March: Dubai

Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash

Live life king-size in March by heading to Dubai. Spring (or the equivalent of that) will be in the air! You can expect quite a few outdoor concerts and beachside get-ups to set the tone for your vacay. Our local contributors have some lesser-known spots up on the app to add some flavour to your 2021 travel plans. Think underground cinema, arthouse experiences, road trips to quaint towns, stunning beaches and more. Flights to Dubai from India have been operating for a while and we hope this continues while the weather is sweet in the UAE.

April: Kumaon

Photo by Praniket Desai on Unsplash

As summer rolls up right around the corner, head to the hills — and to Kumaon, specifically. The hill station is chock-full of beautiful retreats and resorts with views you can’t get anywhere else. Again – we’ve got you covered with some fabulous places to stay and things to do while in Kumaon.

May: Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Darshan Chudasama on Unsplash

The cat’s out of the bag: we’re adding this stunning location to the Urbanaut map in a couple of months! If you’d like a sneak peek, we’ll give it to you — Kangra is picturesque and steeped in culture and history as old as time. Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj, Bir and small villages straight out of fairy-tales await. And we’ve got the skinny on them all – launching Jan 2021.

June: Mumbai, Pune and Karjat

Sure, Maharashtra’s brimming with heritage buildings and sights worth seeing. But we’d recommend a different approach this time — one involving hikes through green hills and forests made lush by the monsoon. The Mumbai-Pune-Karjat circuit is sure to reveal some unexplored gems, coupled with underrated getaways and homestays.

July: Amsterdam

Photo by Javier M. on Unsplash

Given July is effectively the hump day but in terms of months, it makes sense that the best way to spice it up is to jet-set-go. We’d recommend Amsterdam, not least for how picturesque and historical it is. We daresay it’d loosen you up to get through the rest of the year! Laze on a boat down the canals, eat at some of the most incredible places and generally soak in this city in the height of summer.

August: Brussels

Photo by Marius Badstuber on Unsplash

Brussels is a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new, historic and contemporary, confident yet understated. In short, it’s a great place to be in, come August 2021. Urbanaut’s local contributors have some amazing underrated and off-beat spots listed on the app so that makes planning a breeze!

September: Salzburg

Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

September is a quiet month here, so you’re free to wander around with no crowds to jostle with. The weather is perfect for countryside retreats and mountain hikes, both of which Salzburg ranks highly for, anyway!

October: Sri Lanka and Bhopal

As the year begins winding down (again), it makes sense to gear up for colder months by, well, soaking in as much sun as possible. For that, Sri Lanka is your best bet. If you’d rather spend your days in the forest than by the beach, we’d highly recommend heading to Bhopal and indulging in a safari and a royal stay or two – the season starts in October and that’s when parks open up after the monsoon so it’s a great time to beat the crowds.

November: Kochi

Photo by Firos nv on Unsplash

Kochi is top of mind when it comes to art and culture, and we have the Biennale to thank for it. In 2021, it’s slated to be held in November, so it’s as good a time as any to head to the southern city. Once that’s done, hit up all the tourist attractions and underrated local hangouts for a complete experience. We’ll be launching Kochi on the app in early 2021 so you’ll have our app for reference when you travel!

December: Singapore

Photo by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash

The best time to visit Singapore is really any time of the year. That said, December equals peak holiday season so you get to see the city in all its glory, lights and all! Don’t miss the number of festivals and concerts happening through the month, including Christmas carnivals, NYE celebrations, and the Fringe Festival.

Head to the Urbanaut app to get bookmarking for your 2021 travel itinerary. We’re dreaming of a year full of travel and wonder ahead! We have plenty of new cities launching on the app and much to look forward to – so stay tuned!

Featured photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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